The Shalimar Association’s mission is to protect our neighborhood and ensure the golf course remains part of our neighborhood. We are asking for your support. We hope you will support our mission by paying the annual membership dues of $25.  ($27.50 if paying through PalPal).

Paying By Check
Paying By PayPal

We are also accepting donations to help pay our legal fees. As many of you know, over the past several years we have been in litigation over the ownership of a piece of property located at River and Balboa Street. This piece of property is an integral part of keeping the Golf Course as part of our neighborhood. Litigation is expensive and we are in need of further donations to cover these expenses.

After clicking on the Submit button:

  • If paying by PalPal just follow the normal PayPal login prompts.
  • If paying by check, just cancel out of the PayPal login window when it comes up.
  • A confirmation of your entry will be emailed to the email address supplied.

If paying by check please print out the confirmation and mail it with your check to:

Shalimar Association
2924 South Fairway Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85282
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