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Shalimar Association Is An

Association of Home Owners To

Protect The Shalimar Golf Course Covenant


Purpose of Shalimar Association:  The sole purpose of Shalimar Association, a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt corporation, is to protect the below-noted covenant, and, therefore assure the Shalimar Golf course remains  golf course, including the land on which the driving  range, maintenance yard, and the club-house sits.  Our resolve is to Keep Shalimar Green.

Court Ruling:  In 1984, the Arizona Court of Appeals held in Shalimar Association  V.  D.O.C. Enterprises, LTD, that an “implied restrictive covenant” exists on the Shalimar Golf Course Property limiting the use of the property to that of a golf course until the year 2025.

Shalimar Association’s Tract “B” Asset:  Shalimar Association is the legal owner of the parcel of land known as “Tract B, Shalimar West”.  This is a narrow piece of land located on the perimeter of the golf course along Balboa Drive.  Tract B is watered and the landscaping is maintained by Shalimar Association members, for whom we are so very grateful.  Thank you!

Shalimar Association’s Current Legal Challenge:  Since June 2010, when Shalimar Country Club filed a lawsuit asserting that they are entitled to Tract B, Shalimar Association has spent considerable sums in attorney’s fees defending this law suit.  Thus far, Shalimar Association has successfully defended this asset.

Why is this defense necessary?  Tract B is only one of two possible location that future developers could use as an ingress and egress to the current Shalimar Golf Course land.  Allowing that area to be used as an ingress and egress would bring a tremendous amount of traffic into our neighborhood.

Shalimar Golf Course & Country Club:  The Shalimar Golf Course is vital to the Tempe Community.  The Shalimar Association is not part of the Shalimar Country Club but as home owners, we want to see this golf course prosper and take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your support. Through our endeavors we are the advocacy for the Shalimar Neighborhood and it is our hope is that we will be able to maintain an intact Shalimar Golf Course.   

Map of Shalimar Neighborhood Boundaries 



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